Loft Conversions

At Country Construction we offer a loft conversion service; if you’re looking to expand the space in your home without moving then a conversion of your loft into usable space could be the perfect solution. For several years, we have carried out many conversions in and around the Ross-On-Wye area, transforming that empty and underused loft space into a usable storage space or additional room for your home. When it comes to converting loft spaces we only use the best materials, with the conversion carried out by a team of experienced and skilled builders and tradesmen. When it comes to needing a conversion of the loft space in your home in Ross-On-Wye or the surrounding area get in touch with Country Construction.

Maximising the Space in Your Home

Whether it be for more storage space or another room for your growing family then a loft conversion from our experienced team of builders at Country Construction can help. Operating throughout Ross-On-Wye and the surrounding areas, we can help make your home more suitable for the size of your family and your space requirements. We will work with your throughout the whole conversion process ensuring the design meets your expectations and the building work is carried out to the highest standards. From standard loft conversions to dormer conversions we can help you make the most out of the roof space you have available; from giving your more storage space, an office space to work from or an extra bedroom for your family or guests to stay in. When it comes to needing a professional building service to convert the loft space in your home, get in touch with Country Construction.

Benefits of Converting the Loft

Here at Country Construction we believe that converting your existing loft space into a usable and functioning space can be a great benefit to you, your family and the home itself. By undertaking in a quality conversion carried out by skilled tradespeople it can have a great range of benefits, a few of which we have listed below.

  • Adds additional value to your home
  • Expand the size of your home without moving
  • No need to eat into outdoor space
  • Means you can stay put in your home
  • Increased storage space
  • An additional room for your home
  • No obstructed views
  • Increased daylight and less shade

Types of Loft Conversions

Velux conversions are one of the most common and popular types of loft conversions in Ross-On-Wye. With a Velux conversion you can create a room that offers the maximum possible amount of light. Having a Velux loft conversion carried out means you won’t need any major roof work carried out. Having worked throughout Ross-On-Wye for a number of years, we have developed a well-know reputation for the Velux conversions we carry out.

Dormer conversions are commonly found on bungalows and many other types of properties. They create more headroom than a traditional loft space offers, allowing you to move around more freely. As well as giving you more floor room, they also give you extra usable floor space.

Mansard conversions require the most amount of work in regard to loft conversions. However a mansard conversion, essentially gives you a whole extra floor to your property. Whenever we carry out mansard conversions in Ross-on-Wye we only use quality building materials to ensure a professional finish.

Hip to gable conversions are typically carried out on both detached and semi detached properties, and even on end of terrace properties. The hip to gable conversion process involves extending the slope side of your property to a flat wall to create more space in the loft.

Call Country Construction for A Quality Conversions of Your Loft Space

If you’re based in the Ross-On-Wye area and need a professional and experienced building company to carry out a conversion of the loft space in your home then get in touch with Country Construction. With years of experience in the building industry and with a team of dedicated and skilled tradespeople we can help transform that empty space into a room that caters for your requirements. Give Country Construction a call on 01989 720453 or 07766605197 for a quote on your loft conversion.

In addition to offering loft conversions throughout Ross-On-Wye, our builders also cover Newent and the surrounding areas.